India has set itself an ambitious goal of achieving high-quality electricity supply for all households by 2019. While decent progress has been made in increasing the number of households covered by grid, the quality and reliability of electricity service to rural households is still dismal. There are still thousands of villages where grid connectivity can’t reach, and where it does reach the power supply is erratic or inadequate. For households, this means staying plunged in darkness for days on end. For farmers, this means that they have to look for alternative, more reliable, sources of energy to power their irrigation needs. More often than not, they turn to the expensive and polluting option of diesel. Despite being more reliable, the high cost of diesel limits the scope of farmers’ cultivation efforts. Needless to say, diesel adds to the degradation of the environment.
Unreliable electricity or simply a lack of electrification can lead to a lack in employment opportunities, which eventually leads to migration, over-dependence on urban resources and the urban economy. Even children’s education gets hampered, and entrepreneurship opportunities don’t get to see the light of day. The desired progress never happens.


To set-up mini grids in electricity impoverished areas, and provide dependable and adequate power to rural households and to provide farmers with access to water for irrigation.


By channelizing their CSR funds towards rural electrification through mini grids. Mini grids can alleviate electricity poverty amongst rural communities. They offer a promising solution by providing dependable and adequate electricity. Support may be provided by Partners in any of the following forms:
1. Capital Investment in setting up the project completely
2. Part investment
3. Support in operational expenses of material and resources for smooth functioning of the mini grid.
4. Backward integration e.g. The partner can work closely with the farmers and have a tie-up to purchase their produce.
Claro Energy is committed to working with rural communities in collaboration with our CSR partners and exploring the viability of making electricity reach a significant number of households. We want to ensure the education of children is not hampered by a lack of electricity, and neither does cultivation of crops suffer for it. Electrification can also enable small businesses to mushroom, and this can lead to a small but self-sustaining micro-economy. Communities can use electricity with a very nominal charge, based on a pay-as-you-use basis. It will also be a clean form of power, thus shielding rural areas from the kind of pollution that urban development has been struck with.


1. Concept to completion of Mini Grid Project Installation and Maintenance.