AEA 2017- Claro Energy In The Top 6

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The Asian Entrepreneurship Award was set up to reward and encourage young entrepreneurs who make the best use of technology and creativity to solve various problem. This award was introduced by the Japanese government in 2012, and since then the award function brings big and small, private and public enterprises, government and educational institutions together in one single frame to propagate a transformation in Asia. AEA aims to construct an ecosystem which will bring innovation to the entire world. It is a platform which help young entrepreneurs from all over the world to meet and inspire each other.

The AEA 2017 event is co hosted by Mitsui Fudoson, The University Of Tokyo, TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association, and The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs.

Previous Winners

Among the past winners of this award are some well known names:

  • Clearbridge Bio Medics Pte Ltd (Singapore),
  • Connexx system corporations,
  • Cyfuse BioMedical K.K (Japan)

For the 2017 ceremony, being held in Tokyo from 25th october to 27th october, Claro energy has also been nominated for the AEA. This in light of the significant change that Claro Energy has brought about in the lives of rural farmers. We have been committed towards changing the rural landscape in water-scarce areas through innovative steps to improve the sector and its economy, through sustainable means. The company started in 2011 with the goal of providing irrigational facilities based on renewable energy to farmers, and replacing expensive traditional methods of using diesel powered pumps. In the past 6 years we have deployed over 7000 pumps across 15 states of India.

Like ourselves, there are many other promising entrants this year who have done a remarkable work in their respective fields and brought effective change in the world.  

Below is a list of other 5 finalist with whom we will be vying for the AEA this year for their exceptional performance:


Beijing Qingfan Yuanhang Networking Technology Co. Ltd.

CEO: Wenzhu Zhang

Qingfan provide mobile innovation management tools and solutions for innovative organizations. By crowd sourcing projects, contest/competitions and workshops, an organization can leverage social power to solve problems and build a highly engaged innovative community. By community based innovation, the cost can be reduced by up to 30-50%.

Webgears WGT

CEO: Larisa Dydykinka

Webgears is a software technology company focusing on novel web-based 3D graphics for industrial applications, and gaming. Our product is a graphics engine, which lets our clients extract significantly more value from 3D models and interactive 3D graphics by almost eliminating hardware requirements and moving interactive 3D content to the cloud


CEO: Oliver Tan


ViSenze powers has created an image recognition for the retailers and enterprises. The company making the best use of technology has created a highly optimized visual solution for retailers which makes it easier for the consumer to find things they are looking for using only images. Leading retailers like H&M, uniqlo japan, SEARS use ViSenze for enhancing their shopping platforms. Major shopping sites like adidas, ASOS, Rakuten ichiba also use ViSenze. Media companies like Singapore press holdings use ViSenze. This is officially supported by mastercard.  A venture backed by Rakuten and WI harper and by National University of Singapore in 2012 by web entrepreneurs and computer enthusiasts, the company aims to make people come face to face with the visual world.

Qubit Security

CEO: Seung Min Shin


It is a professional information security company. We have been exceedingly studied ‘hacking’, and developed real-time hacking detection cloud platform ‘PLURA’ for the first time in the world.
They have changed the paradigm of security based on Big data analysis, machine learning, the largest scale of security log database in Korea, and real-time hacking detection technology.

Beijing Quality Technology Co., Ltd

CEO: Shaoxin Wang

Beijing Quality Technology is a company which offers smart air purifying solution based on AI and IoT technology. Currently, they have developed a small-scale AQI forecasting system based on big data and machine learning, a  smart air purifier and a corresponding app were also developed. they also build a SaaS platform for EM, CRM and data analysis.


AEA provides a platform for all these aspiring companies to come together and inspire each other to make this world a better and a healthier place to live.