Business Analyst

Job Title: Business Analyst


Reporting line: Director


Location: New Delhi


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

The Business Analyst reports to the Director and contributes by effectively managing all critical data and information. In the process he/she will perform the following tasks.

  •  Responsible for supporting senior management in key decision making by providing collection, analysis and reporting of sales related data in an on-going effort to increase overall sales productivity. and also tracking of key performance indicators that are critical to enhance business understanding, identify trends and making critical decisions
  • Creating reports that compile the data into simple and understandable format for the management
  • Analyzing raw data, drawing conclusions and developing recommendations
  • Interpret the collected data and make comparisons with the planned activities. Check for deviations or alterations.
  • Evaluate the financial data to decipher the profitable and non-profitable areas of revenue.
  • Additionally, make conclusion about the cost incurred on various activities
  • Review the performance report of last quarter or year and sort out the positives and negative aspects of the performance
  • Create Business Performance Dashboard
  • Work cross-functionally with other teams for resolving issues
  • Participate in Business performance reviews & share Business Analytics supplying qualitative and quantitative data to colleagues and client
  • Conduct significant secondary research for the companies and finding the financial and general information with identify trends by using ratio analysis, trends analysis and illustrate with graphs and charts
  • Interpreting and capturing financial as well as general information of company through its annual reports and sec filling
  • Analyse company financials to identify trends by using statistical and financial tools like Trend analysis, Ratio analysis
  • Preparing spreadsheet, graphs and chart to help and illustrate financial trend
  • Gathering industry-specific market and business information, using internal and external research sources such as industry journals, analyst reports as well as information databases


Qualifications & Experience:


Candidate should be a graduate in any discipline. Post graduate degree will be preferred


1-4years of industry experience required.


Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • In depth Knowledge of Market research, data management and data reporting skills .
  • Strong analytical, Communication and presentation skills.
  • Good written and oral communications skills.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.


What you get:

  • A handsome pay package and matching perks
  • Machine and devices of your choice
  • Generous leave policy
  • Inspiring peers


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