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Claro Energy has emerged as a major player in the Indian Solar landscape. We are all set to render our services to power non-profit, residential and commercial projects in Gujarat.  The project is promoted by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), which is the state nodal agency to promote renewable energy.  By investing in solar energy, not  only it will help in reducing our dependency on expensive and harmful to the environment fossil fuels, it will also combat the global terror of climate change by cutting down carbon emission. Climate change already contributes to serious environmental and public health issues, including extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and ecosystem changes. It’s high time we make the right switch and save the environment.

There are two categories for solar Roof-top in Gujarat.

1. Residential Rooftop Programme by GEDA :

  • All residential and charitable organisations can avail the services and subsidy benefits.
  •  There is a subsidy component of Rs. 10,000 per KW upto a maximum of Rs. 20,000 (i.e. 2 KW) from GEDA. Plus a 30% subsidy from MNRE.
  • Residential Consumer can install solar power plant upto 100% of the sanction load from MGVCL.
  •  Authorized channel partners charge only the NET of subsidy amount. The below table gives a comprehensive idea about the costs and generation of power.
    System Size 1 KW 2 KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 6KW 7KW 8KW 9KW 10KW
    Shadow free Area Required (Sq Ft) 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
    Annual Electricity Production (KWh) 1400 2800 4200 5600 7000 8400 9800 11200 12600 14000
    Price 69000 138000 207000 276000 345000 414000 483000 552000 621000 690000
    MNRE Subsidy 20700 41400 62100 82800 103500 124200 144900 165600 186300 207000
    GEDA Subsidy 10000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000
    Net Cost to Customer 38300 76600 124900 173200 221500 269800 318100 366400 414700 463000
2. Commercial Rooftop Segment :
a. There is no set price for Commercial Rooftops but it my vary from 70 Rs/ KW to Rs. 59 Rs./KW depending upon the plant size. As the plant becomes bigger, the cost comes down.
b. Commercial consumers can install solar power plant  upto 50% of their sanctioned load.
c. There are no state or central subsidies for this segment but there is 40% accelerated depreciation which effectively translates into 24% tax rebate over two years.

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