Claro’s Sun Shines in Japan

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Claro Energy has come a long way since its inception. The company’s growth spurt has led to a fair few international mentions. An article recently posted by online Japanese magazine, ‘Project Design’, serves as proof.

Project Design works as a high-level and practical media house that showcases project concepts of ideal businesses conceived by businessmen, administrators, NPO staff, entrepreneurs and focuses on ideas leading to innovation. The article titled ‘Agriculture and Food Challenges in India’ talks about the escalation of Agricultural businesses in India. Written by Siva Ramamoorthy, an active mentor and investor known to have backed many successful startups, it talks about the current entrepreneurial environment in India and the scenario of rising startups in India including the recent promotional campaign of “Startup India” launched by the Indian government.


Screenshot of the Article from Project Design Online

A graduate from Kellogg School of Management with experience in companies like VMWare and Intel, Ramamoorthy mentions Claro as the top most featured startup. He acknowledges Claro Energy as a solar pumping solution provider to Indian farmers who face severe water irrigation difficulties. The article further reads:

“The photovoltaic power generation pump system irrigates approximately 12,000 acres of agricultural land and supports the lives of more than 100,000 people. This is one of the greatest and best uses of photovoltaic power generation in India and is expected to be an innovator to solve the problem of water shortage in agriculture.

Claro Energy is a good example of an entrepreneur with global education and work experience.”

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Written By – Prakriti Sharma

Edited By – Anirban Banerjee