Some of the most remotely located people in India face the acute problem of water scarcity. These people have to either travel significant distances everyday, to collect fresh water, or end up using water that may not be fit for consumption. Adults have to forgo profitable and productive activities in order to fetch a few litres of water from distant locations, while children miss out on school time, as they are sometimes given the responsibility of fetching water.


Easy access to clean and fresh ground water for rural communities


Our CSR partners can commit to social responsibility activities in the field of clean drinking water. They can join us in setting up eco-friendly methods to counter these problems. Claro energy has installed more than 1000 solar water pumps in areas where there is no pipeline infrastructure for clean and fresh drinking water. We have eased lives and livelihoods for far-flung communities and given them the chance to deploy their focus and resources in more constructive activities. These projects are generally carried out in areas where there is none to negligible access to grid electricity, nor is there an abundant availability of diesel. Thus, solar pumps not only help in changing lives by providing drinking water but also act as a reliable and consistent source of energy to pump water. Claro Energy can also propose suitable water treatment techniques and their further augmentation with solar water pumping systems.


1. Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance* of systems
2. Periodic (regular) impact surveys with the following data :
a. Average utilization of the system based on Remote Monitoring System data
b. Before-after condition assessment of the people benefited based on the inputs provided by the beneficiaries
*maintenance contracts are designed based on mutual agreement.