Greenathon by VNC and Claro for a Better Tomorrow

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Claro greenathon

The global warming is on a rise, polar glaciers are melting, subsequently, each year sets is own benchmark as the hottest year and a many more other issues. Slowly the actions of human beings on Mother Nature is now showing the adverse effects and its high time now. Voluntary Nature Conservancy along with Claro Energy is organising a ‘Greenathon’ in order to raise awareness among the citizens and spread the message and ways to protect our planet.

About The Event:

Claro greenathon

There will be two events namely ‘Green Charotar Run’, which will be a ¼ Marathon and ‘Burn Fat not Oil’, a Cycling Fun ride. This will be a 10 km event and along with this a 2.5 km, Green Walk will also be conducted. The ¼ Marathon is in five categories and there is a single category for Cycling Fun Ride.

Why Are These Events Necessary?

In order to spread the awareness among the responsible citizens, and to promote the use of Clean and Green Energy, we must support this endeavour. Global Warming is a serious and a threatening challenge that must be tackled at the very moment. Also, the deadly pollutants are making it difficult for people to even breathe, in short, if not now, then this thing can be fatal in near future.

We must volunteer for a change, as a change is always initiated on a small scale. A minor change in lifestyle and day to day activities can show significant results in the long term. Simple steps like riding a bicycle to work, or taking a public transport for commute can be very effective. Further, by using our natural resources judiciously, we can bring in a great change as well.

Truly said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Nature has enough for Man’s need, but not for his Greed”, and we must always insist on this. Reducing our energy use can help us conserve natural resources as well as reduce pollution.

Why is a Switch towards Cleaner Energy required?

Since the beginning of the industrial era, human beings have excessively exploited the natural reserves of coal and petroleum. The coal reserves are facing the shortage of coal, there has been no new discovery of major oil fields and the level of pollution is extremely out of control. In order to keep our planet green, we must switch towards cleaner alternatives of energy like Solar, Wind and other sources. These energy forms will not just help us to save our planet, but will also cut down our bills by several times.

Energy alternatives like Solar and Wind are sustainable and are available in excessive amount. Therefore, one must take a pledge to save our planet and switch towards cleaner alternatives for day to day uses. These may be a switch from electric geyser to Solar Heater or using Solar Rooftop for electricity, use of electric vehicles and bicycles.

How Claro and VNC are together helping towards a Cleaner Society?

Claro Greenathon

VNC has constantly worked for the protection of the environment with a mission to educate the masses and to spread awareness about the crucial need for environmental protection. More than 2,30,000 has been educated through this noble cause.

Claro Energy is a leading name in the Solar Irrigation industry. Our efforts have resulted in a significant cut in the CO2 emission by the use of Solar Pump sets in place of diesel pump sets. Our solar rooftop projects play an instrumental role in saving electricity and bills.

Together we are building a better future, a cleaner and greener planet. Being the responsible and aware citizens, we must act in order to protect our nature and restore its pride.