Impact Story: Gouduniposh, Odisha

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Gouduniposh is a small village in Odisha, a quintessential village having kaccha roads and huts. It is quite far, almost cut-off, from the city, with the nearest one being around 90 km away. Majority of the working population of this village is daily wage labourer, who manage to find work for only 15-20 days in a month. It has one government school where kids apparently attend school only to be able to eat the free midday meal provided in the school- such as the heart-wrenching reality of the villagers here! Not just food, but the villagers here have faced several hardships to gain access to water too- with the entire village depending on a single hand pump, or resorting to a lake far away, for their water needs.



At Claro Energy, we are focused on reducing the water woes of people living in remote villages and believe that access to water is a basic human right. This drives us to provide solutions to villagers living in villages like Gouduniposh y in the form of our solar-powered pumps. And the results speak for themselves – the village now boasts of 3 handpumps such that every household has one within 500 m! But what does this improved access to clean water mean for the villagers?



Impact on Health and well-being

An improved access to clean water ensures that lesser people, especially children, are inflicted by waterborne diseases, thus paving the way for a healthier society.

Impact on environment

Employing solar panels instead of unclean diesel to extract water has significance in terms of reduction in carbon footprint. Also, since all the villagers now do not have to rely on one lake, thus preventing it from drying up.
All these factors create a ripple effect in terms of enhanced socioeconomic and environmental status, thus truly empowering the villagers in Gouduniposh.

Impact on economic status

It also means that people can now devote less of their time to obtain water and devote it instead to income generating activities. 

Impact on social status and time saving

Historically, women in villages have had to travel miles in search of water, wasting their time and energy in the process. Nearby access to water is a crucial factor in liberating them from this tiresome chore. and empowering them to allocate their time and energy to other productive activities.

We have been working to ensure a proper supply of water to this area, to at least cater to the villager’s basic needs. Claro energy has ensured that every resident has access to a 24X7 water facility.