Lack of water availability and sanitation place many hurdles to education in the rural sector. Most rural schools lack toilet facilities; and even if they do have these facilities, they don’t get proper water supply for sanitation to keep these toilets running. Lack of clean toilets has often been attributed to as a prime reason in discouraging children from attending schools. It is needless to mention, in this situation the girl child is the worst affected.


To reduce the number of ‘absent’ school days for children, which are caused by a lack of clean water for sanitation.


Cleanliness and sanitation have come up as one of the foremost priorities for the central government, as exemplified by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Claro Energy wants to tackle this problem by helping children in rural schools (and also other affected demographics) get access to clean water and neat toilets. Our partners can dedicate CSR funds towards installing Solar Pumps for access to water for sanitation, especially in schools and also in communities. These activities will also align with the United Nations’ CEO WASH Mandate


Assist our partners in selection of areas where school dropouts due to lack of water for sanitation, is a problem
1. Baseline survey* of the students
2. Impact assessment
*The survey formats are prepared in consultation with the donor agency.