Claro Energy will now power Madhya Pradesh

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Claro Energy has long been established as a major player in the Indian solar landscape. Now we are bringing our services to power non-profit projects in Madhya Pradesh.

If you are managing

  • A Residential*,  Social** or Institutional*** project, and

  • Want it to be powered by future-ready technology,

  • With a requirement capacity of 100 KW or more

Get in touch with us to deploy Rooftop Solar solutions for you. Get a 30% subsidy (Limited Window Opportunity) by contacting us NOW!

Contact us on +91-8160754324


*All types of Residential buildings

**Community centres, Welfare homes, Old Age homes, Orphanages, Common service centres, common workshops for artisans or craftsmen, facilities for use of Community, Trusts/NGOs/Voluntary organizations/Training Institutions, any other establishments for common public use etc. (applicable to not-for-profit registered organizations only)

***Schools, health institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, universities, educational institutions etc (applicable to not-for-profit registered organizations only)