Ensuring Access to Clean Water in Naxalite Affected Jaigoor Village

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Jaigoor, is a village in Bhauramgarh block of Bijapur district, Chhattisgarh.  It has a population of barely 200 people. This village has, for many years, been in the line of fire of violent Naxalite activities. Due to the continuous gloom of impending violence, the opportunity of progress has been scant. This village displays the complete picture of backwardness. It is mostly inaccessible, with no roads and failed infrastructure. The villagers have to cross thankless hilly terrain in order to commute between nearby spots. In fact, the threat of violence and lack of road connectivity impedes the generation of better employment facilities. Villagers are stuck with manual labour operations like wood cutting, carrying heavy loads, and other forms of daily wage earning activities. The government has taken steps to provide Ration for the people and a few schools have also been built  for the village children. However, the situation in the region makes it difficult for the people to send their kids to school.



The village also has to deal with prevailing water scarcity – only two hand pumps are installed for the population of 200 –  making it near impossible for every household to get an adequate supply of water. Apart from this, due to the the continuous and unpredictable rebel conflicts, when these pumps get damaged, no one is ready to visit Jaigoor to fix them. The threat to life is such a realistic impediment in lives of the villagers. They do not get adequate water for drinking and for other basic sanitation and cleaning purposes, which forces them to live in an unhygienic situation where they even go many days without washing their clothes, bathing etc. As a result they deal with skin problems and other ailments.



Claro Energy had been assigned to set up water facilities in this region. We have been involved at the ground level and have done our best to contribute to the well being of the people residing here. The project required installing a 6 meter high solar pump, which in case of damage will be repaired by Claro’s area service team. People of the village now have 24×7 access to clean water supply. Their daily water needs are now taken care of. 



Not only are everyday basic needs taken care of, water can now be stored for future usage in water tanks, also provided and set up by Claro. The people no longer have to spend their entire day waiting in line to fetch a few litres of water.

Access to clean drinking water is a basic right of every human being, and, as goes the saying, without water there is no life. Claro energy, in all its projects, ensures that no person is denied of this basic right.