Impact Story: Badakudar Odisha

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Badakudar, is a village in Jamankira block of Sambalpur district, Odisha, with a population of 200 people. About 25 families reside in this area. The village is led by the Gram Panchayat called SIRID. The infrastructure here is so badly underdeveloped that the village does not even have roads. People have to cross a river in boats to go to the other side of the village.

Problem Areas

Despite having grid connectivity, electricity is very irregular in this area. The population here mostly comprises daily wage earners, laborers, woodcutters and many other such people who are involved in small scale activities. Village people, including children, have to stand in large queues in order to fetch water because there is only one hand-pump available for about 200 people. Sometimes not even all the people standing and waiting get access to water. After waiting for long, people only get a bucket of water for each family, just enough to suffice their drinking needs. For other purposes like bathing, washing, cleaning etc, the villagers have to use river water, which is often not as clean as one would expect. As a result, the villagers have to stay unclean for days. Apart from this, standing in the scorching heat for a long time is further detrimental to their health.

Solution & Impact



Claro energy has had the chance to work for the upliftment of this village. We have been working to ensure a proper supply of water to this area, to at least cater to the villagers’ basic needs. Claro has installed hand-pumps in the village and people no longer have to wait for hours in long queues to fill their buckets. The pumping system has also enabled them to store water in tanks for other purposes. The villagers no longer have to use river water, and have proper sanitation across their homes. This has prevented them from falling prey to bad health and diseases. In fact, access to clean water has exponentially improved general health in the area. Claro energy has ensured that every resident has access to a 24X7 water facility.