Powering Gujarat With Solar Rooftop Systems

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 Claro Energy has a clear purpose in mind i.e to help companies recognize the importance of having sustainable energy sources to power their activities. Not only is this more economically viable, it goes a long way in fighting global warming.  Organizations can now meet their energy needs in a clean, green and smart way. Moving ahead with this vision, Claro Energy recently installed solar rooftop systems at the office of Hemant Engineers, in Anand district, Gujarat.

Project Overview

Hemant Engineers are based in Vitthal Udyog Nagar, an industrial zone in Anand. Their operations, though, are spread across the whole country as well as overseas. Hemant Engineers, promoted by Mr. Hemant Kashikar in 1981, fresh out of college, has made its name in the field of Roller Mills, Conveying systems, Air Pollution control systems and particle sizing systems, with applications in processing minerals like Bauxite, Bentonite, Coke, Coal, Dolomite, Marble, Phosphates, Soapstones etc.

The installed project system size is 16 KW, capable of generating 20,000 kWh of energy. Modules used were of the Waaree make  (320 Kwp-50 Nos) and Inverter used was a Fronious Symo with 15 KW of capacity.

Challenges & Solution

The major challenge faced was in getting the modules onto the roof. The labourers had to be extra cautious while hauling the modules up as any error would end up damaging the modules. However, under the able supervision of Mr. Raghawendra Pathak, (one of Claro’s most hardworking team members) they were able to get all the 50 modules up on the roof and the entire installation was completed within 2 days.


Hemant Engineers, through this rooftop installation, now has access to a 16KW power plant that provides reliable, green and sustainable energy. The rooftop solar power plant will produce about 20,000 Kwh of electricity translating into a financial gain  of Rs. 1.4 Lacs annually. This solar plant has added renewable energy to Hemant Engineer’s energy mix and will cut down about 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

This project demonstrates the potential of solar power,which can be harnessed using idle rooftop space to generate energy and reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

We would really like to thank Mr. Hemant Kashikar for realizing the importance of clean energy and making a switch towards sustainable development. We are also grateful to Mr. Amit Magnani from Lucidus Energy for helping in executing the  installation of the project seamlessly.

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