Claro Energy Internship Experience

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Internships are a gateway to a world full of possibility and opportunity. Being in my final year of engineering I was looking to intern in an organization where I could gain valuable work experience. I got a reference at Claro Energy and they were kind enough to let me intern for a month (Dec 2014).

At Claro Energy, although an intern, you are treated as a full time employee. This is something all students look for. You are made responsible and accountable from the very first day. The thrill and satisfaction you get by contributing to the daily working of the organization is something you may never experience in a big organization. You look forward to every day of work at the organisation and you hardly understand how time passes by.

During my time there, I was assigned work mainly in the area of Digital Marketing. Although I was from an engineering background, I jumped at this opportunity as this is an emerging field and will be the decisive factor in developing the organization’s brand value. I was working on content creation for various social media handles of the organisation. I also had the opportunity to design content for Claro Energy’s company website as it was being planned and set up during my period. Working on these tasks helped me understand and appreciate the challenge and opportunity that energy access practitioners face while using social media to build brand awareness. The knowledge that I have gained in this area while at Claro is of significant importance to me.

On 15th December 2015, I had the privilege to attend a report launch followed by a panel discussion on `Deployment of Decentralized Renewable Energy Solutions’ organised by WWF India and Selco Foundation. The event comprised of panel members from esteemed institutions such as MNRE, NABARD, SECI and SIDBI. Issues related to structural and financial barriers in Renewable Energy Projects were addressed. Also new initiatives taken by the government to promote solar as an important energy resource were highlighted. The event made me further realise the opportunity available in the renewable energy space and was extremely insightful.

In addition to Digital Marketing, I learnt about the technical aspects of various products offered by Claro Energy. The visit to the test bed gave me a very clear idea of the entire system running. I also learnt how the remote monitoring device is integrated with the systems to record performance. To promote use of solar as a resource and increase awareness on solar water pumping, a Paint a Wall competition was organized for school children in the power deficit regions of Amroha district, UP. I helped organise this event on the ground. It was a bottoms up approach by Claro Energy to educate the upcoming generation on benefits of Solar Energy. The experience was a wonderful one and it gave me an actual picture of the scenario on the ground.

Coming to the help and support you’re provided with at Claro Energy, it’s something no intern will ever expect. Everyone including the senior staff and the director take time out and explain things to you whenever you need help. The working environment is very positive and you always feel like contributing more. These are a few factors every intern should look at and consider while choosing an internship.

The informal celebration we had at the office during Christmas took me completely by surprise. The camaraderie and friendship that exists between the employees speaks volumes about the work culture at the office . My experience at Claro Energy was a thoroughly delightful one. The knowledge and learning that I have gained here will surely stay with me for a lifetime.