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If I can take one thing away from my internship(s) at Claro Energy, it’s that Claro is an organisation which treats all its interns as full time employees and assigns them tasks and responsibilities that optimises their time, effort and skill. I entered as an undergraduate student looking for hands on, real world business experience and boy, did Claro deliver.

From day one, the directors themselves assigned to me a list of tasks and goals after gauging my technical and design level. However, they did not explicitly mention the path I had to take to achieve these goals. They wanted me to give myself deadlines and come up with strategies on my own! This is where the real learning began. Many a times I was forced to think out of the box, to look at things from a different perspective and to rethink and perfect game plans. This exercise made me hone my skill of problem solving. I indeed made mistakes along the way but the staff and the directors were always there to discuss problems and lend a helping hand.

At Claro Energy, people are always up for new and different ideas. There are no set rules for any given function. If you have ideas to improve processes, they want you to speak up and you are duly credited for your help.

If you get the opportunity to intern with Claro Energy, I would urge you to be open to all lines of work. Although I was part of the social media marketing team, I got to witness how the business development, procurement and installation divisions function. I was also invited along with all the other interns to attend their annual offsite retreat where all employees from across the country got together for an action packed weekend. Employees from different departments collectively shared ideas to make procedures more efficient and optimise results. The directors explained long term game plans and strategies for the future. Just to witness this discussion was an immense learning in itself. You could really see the entrepreneurial vibe ebbing from all employees.

If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend interning with Claro Energy! You can email me for further questions.