Solar Water Pumping in Sula Vineyards

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Nashik Vinters Pvt Ltd popularly known as makers of Sula Wines, India’s leading wine producers cultivate their own vineyards in Nashik, Maharashtra. To maintain the high quality of wine, providing water at specified regular intervals is a must. The company thus lays great emphasis on providing proper irrigation.


Erratic supply of electricity leads to frequent usage of diesel for running the pumps. This results in excessive expenditure on irrigation. To offset this cost and to make the cultivation self sustainable, Nashik Vinters Pvt. Ltd finalised the installation of a solar water pump. A complete understanding of the client requirement along with necessary technical parameters was taken, and a system of 5 HP (4800 Wp) was installed to make the water available upto the last nozzle of the drip spread across half a kilometre. This system pumps 1,14,000 litres of water per day up the hill side from its installed location in a valley.


  • By opting for a renewable energy alternative to run their pump, Nashik Vinters Pvt Ltd has earned the eligibility of availing 100% Accelerated Depreciation applicable on Solar Water Pumping system. This has resulted in significant tax saving for the organisation.
  • The system has resulted in reduction of operational expenditure on electricity and diesel.
  • With assured means of irrigation available that is a natural fit with drip installation, the vineyard now has access to uninterrupted water supply which will result in improved yields and increased productivity.